George Harrison - The Vinyl Collection (16LP+2x12" Vinyl Single)


Бокс-сет "George Harrison: The Vinyl Collection" - собрание сольных альбомов Джорджа Харрисона на 180-граммовом виниле. В издание вошли все 12 студийных альбомов Харрисона, концертник "Live In Japan", а также два эклюзивных сингла в формате picture disc. Оформление конвертов полностью повторяет оригиналы. Для ремастеринга на легендарной студии "Capitol" использовались оригинальные аналоговые мастер-ленты.

Джордж Харрисон родился в 1943 году в Ливерпуле, уже к 15 годам он уже играл в группе, которая впоследствии станет называться The Beatles. В составе группы Харрисон написал такие песни, как "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", "Here Comes The Sun" и "Something". Еще до распада The Beatles он записал два диска - саундтрек "Wonderwall Music" (1968) и альбом "Electronic Sound" (1969). Джордж стал первым "битлом", чьи сольный альбом и сингл поднялись на высшую строчку чартов, это случилось в 1970 году, когда диск "All Things Must Pass" и песня "My Sweet Lord" заняли первые места хит-парадов многих стран, включая США и Великобританию. После смерти Джорджа в 2002 году "My Sweet Lord" снова возглавила британский чарт.


LP1: Wonderwall Music (1968)

  • A1. Microbes
  • A2. Red Lady Too
  • A3. Tabia And Pakawaj
  • A4. In The Park
  • A5. Drilling At Home
  • A6. Guru Vandana
  • A7. Greasy Legs
  • A8. Ski-ing
  • A9. Gat Kirwani
  • A10. Dream Scene
  • B1. Party Seacombe
  • B2. Love Scene
  • B3. Crying
  • B4. Cowboy Music
  • B5. Fantasy Sequins
  • B6. On The Bed
  • B7. Glass Box
  • B8. Wonderwall To Be Here
  • B9. Singing Om

LP2: Electronic Sound (1969)

  • A1. Under The Mersey Wall
  • B1. No Time Or Space

LP3-5: All Things Must Pass (1970)

  • A1. I'd Have You Anytime
  • A2. My Sweet Lord
  • A3. Wah-Wah
  • A4. Isn't It A Pity (Version One)
  • B1. What Is Life
  • B2. If Not For You
  • B3. Behind That Locked Door
  • B4. Let It Down
  • B5. Run Of The Mill
  • C1. Beware Of Darkness
  • C2. Apple Scruffs
  • C3. Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)
  • C4. Awaiting On You All
  • C5. All Things Must Pass
  • D1. I Dig Love
  • D2. Art Of Dying
  • D3. Isn't It A Pity (Version Two)
  • D4. Hear Me Lord
  • E1. Out Of The Blue
  • E2. It's Johnny's Birthday
  • F1. Plug Me In
  • F2. I Remember Jeep
  • F3. thanks for the pepperoni

LP6: Living In The Material World (1973)

  • A1. Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)
  • A2. Sue Me, Sue You Blues
  • A3. The Light That Has Lighted The World
  • A4. Don't Let Me Wait Too Long
  • A5. Who Can See It
  • A6. Living In The Material World
  • B1. The Lord Loves The One
  • B2. Be Here Now
  • B3. Try Some Buy Some
  • B4. The Day The World Gets 'Round
  • B5. That Is All

LP7: Dark Horse (1974)

  • A1. Hari's On Tour (Express)
  • A2. Simply Shady
  • A3. So Sad
  • A4. Bye Bye, Love
  • A5. Maya Love
  • B1. Ding Dong; Ding Dong
  • B2. Dark Horse
  • B3. Far East Man
  • B4. It Is "He" (Jai Sri Krishna)

LP8: Extra Texture (Read All About It) (1975)

  • A1. You
  • A2. The Answer's At The End
  • A3. This Guitar (Can't Keep From Crying)
  • A4. Ooh Baby (You Know That I Love You)
  • A5. World Of Stone
  • B1. A Bit More Of You
  • B2. Can't Stop Thinking About You
  • B3. Tired Of Midnight Blue
  • B4. Grey Cloudy Lies
  • B5. His Name Is Legs (Ladies & Gentlemen)

LP9: Thirty Three And 1/3 (1976)

  • A1. Woman Don't You Cry For Me
  • A2. Dear One
  • A3. Beautiful Girl
  • A4. This Song
  • A5. See Yourself
  • B1. It's What You Value
  • B2. True Love
  • B3. Pure Smokey
  • B4. Crackerbox Palace
  • B5. Learning How To Love You

LP10: George Harrison (1979)

  • A1. Loves Come To Everyone
  • A2. Not Guilty
  • A3. Hers Comes The Moon
  • A4. Soft-Hearted Hana
  • A5. Blow Away
  • B1. Faster
  • B2. Dark Sweet Lady
  • B3. Your Love Is Forever
  • B4. Soft Touch
  • B5. If You Believe

LP11: Somewhere In England (1981)

  • A1. Blood From A Clone
  • A2. Unconsciousness Rules
  • A3. Life Itself
  • A4. All Those Years Ago
  • A5. Baltimore Oriole
  • B1. Teardrops
  • B2. That Which I Have Lost
  • B3. Writing's On The Wall
  • B4. Hong Kong Blues
  • B5. Save The World

LP12: Gone Troppo (1982)

  • A1. Wake Up My Love
  • A2. That's The Way It Goes
  • A3. I Really Love You
  • A4. Greece
  • A5. Gone Troppo
  • B1. Mystical One
  • B2. Unknown Delight
  • B3. Baby Don't Run Away
  • B4. Dream Away
  • B5. Circles

LP13: Cloud Nine (1987)

  • A1. Cloud 9
  • A2. That's What It Takes
  • A3. Fish On The Sand
  • A4. Just For Today
  • A5. This Is Love
  • A6. When We Was Fab
  • B1. Devil's Radio
  • B2. Someplace Else
  • B3. Wreck Of The Hesperus
  • B4. Breath Away From Heaven
  • B5. Got My Mind Set On You

LP14: Brainwashed (2002)

  • A1. Any Road
  • A2. P2 Vatican Blues (Last Saturday Night)
  • A3. Pisces Fish
  • A4. Looking For My Life
  • A5. Rising Sun
  • A6. Marwa Blues
  • B1. Stuck Inside A Cloud
  • B2. Run So Far
  • B3. Never Get Over You
  • B4. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
  • B5. Rocking Chair In Hawaii
  • B6. Brainwashed

LP15-16: Live In Japan (1992)

  • A1. I Want To Tell You
  • A2. Old Brown Shoe
  • A3. Taxman
  • A4. Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)
  • A5. If I Needed Someone
  • B1. Something
  • B2. What Is Life
  • B3. Dark Horse
  • B4. Piggies
  • B5. Got My Mind Set On You
  • C1. Cloud 9
  • C2. Here Comes The Sun
  • C3. My Sweet Lord
  • C4. All Those Years Ago
  • C5. Cheer Down
  • D1. Devil's Radio
  • D2. Isn't It A Pity
  • D3. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  • D4. Roll Over Beethoven

12" Vinyl (Picture Disc): Got My Mind Set On You

  • A1. Got My Mind Set On You (Extended Version)
  • B1. Got My Mind Set On You (Single Version)
  • B2. Lay His Head

12" Vinyl (Picture Disc): When We Was Fab

  • A1. When We Was Fab (Unextended Version)
  • A2. Zig Zag
  • B1. That's The Way It Goes (Remix)
  • B2. When We Was Fab (Reverse End)

Жанр: Rock

Жанр: Psychedelic Rock

Лейбл: Apple Records

Лейбл: Dark Horse Records

Лейбл: Universal Music

Год релиза: 2017

Цвет: picture

Количество дисков: 18

Исполнитель: George Harrison

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